• Canon C300 HD EOS w/ canon 24-105mm/16-35mm/70-200mm/10mm  Prime Lenses
  • Panasonic HPX2000 P2 HD/Digital Camera (NTSC, Pal, 720, 1080i, 30p, 24p capable)
  • Fuji 10x4.8 Wide Angle Lens for ENG camera
  • Panasonic HPX170 Mini Cam  (HD, 24p capable)
  • Canon 5d Markiii  (see lenses above)


  • 2 Joker 400 HMI lights
  • Arri 650s  (3)
  • Arri 1K
  • 2 Tota lights
  • 4 Pepper Lights (2x400, 2x120)
  • 5 total chimeras
  • Gobo pattern light
  • 17in HD Panasonic Monitor

Grip Equipment

Full Wireless package

  • 2 Lectrosonics wireless pacs
  • FP33 three channel mixer
  • Sony ECM77 Lavs/ RE50 stick/ Senheiser MD46 stick 
  • Shotgun and boom pole

Equipment packed in Pelican cases ready to travel

Full Live Capability

Bonded cellular technology. Can transmit live via LiveU to any LiveU customer or can transmit to a fiber hub and you can pull signal via fiber.